What is VSOE and Villain Squad

What does VSOE stand for

what is villain squad

What does VSOE mean

what does vsoe stand for

People always ask, you know, “What is VSOE?” It’s Villain Squad Over Everything


Now some people who see the movement “Villain Squad? say “That makes no sense!” Well, most things don’t make sense when you don’t understand them.

What does VSOE Mean

Whether you know it or not, YOU, the person listening to this right now… you are a villain too.


Deep down, behind our walls and faces we put on for the world to feel stronger, we know that we are really good people. But sometimes we get fed up and life forces us into a corner, and inside of that corner we create a bad guy, a villain inside of us, a version of ourselves that refuses to be walked all over by other people in this world.


Tired of the way that things are, that new version of us takes hold and demands better things out of life, pushing us to succeed no matter what. The good version of us (the original) sits behind the wheel ready for the destination while The villain version we created that won’t put up with any type of BS is like a vehicle we use on the long road to success, that’s driving us forward against the cruel world.


I called our movement Villain Squad because we all have stories to tell about our lives, you know mine, of coming from conditions where success just wasn’t even seen as a possibility by anyone. In some small way, don’t we all share that?


I was treated like the bad guy, the villain. I was doubted, I was told I’d never do anything with my life. My own family, my own mother, my brother, my cousins, aunts and uncles doubted me. Seriously, my own grandmother and I sit now, we talk and we laugh about how it’s funny that I’m not in prison or dead, that’s how far I have come.

Novi Novak VSOE Villain Squad

I used to be so angry at the world for no reason. It created a person in me that honestly, today, I would be scared to ever piss off. But fortunately, the person it created is also the person that created this fire in me. It used my anger and shitty life I lived to move forward and demand something more from myself and from this world. It’s funny that the good me would have never have had the balls to be that guy. But it couldn’t have happened any other way.

VSOE Tattoo

I used that villain inside me to fuel myself to never quit and never give up no matter how bad things got. Then that same passionate fire that created the villain inside of me… eventually humbled and merged with the good side of me that’s talking right now, you know sparking something that’s completely new. It handed that fire and drive to my good side, and created a meaning for me… an understanding of what all of that crazy stuff in my life happened for.


My goal with the Villain Squad movement is to help you find your inner villain and help you find that fire and drive that my inner Villain gives me everyday to succeed. Using my crazy life story and music as an example and motivation I will walk with you every step of the way through your journey.


So when they say “Villain Squad? That makes no sense.” Now I just tell’m, “neither did my life for 20+ years because I didn’t understand what my life meant or what my purpose was…. Till now.”


– NovAK

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