The Story Behind My ‘Tattoo My Life’ Tattoo

The Story Behind My ‘Tattoo My Life’ TattooTattoo my life

Tattoo My Life is what I decided to call my life story tattoos that are tatted inside of my arms. I honestly think Tattoo My Life is the best way to describe it and also has a very memorable name that will help it spread and inspire people much faster.


tattoo my life story


For years I have been releasing music with the purpose of inspiring people as best as I can. In order to be seen as more professional and be a better artist for my fans since I didn’t have anyone’s help like label artist do, I started studying personal branding.  I wanted to understand how to truly appreciate my fans more so that they appreciate me by being a professional artist instead of just another person who makes music. I wanted to be the best I can for them and for myself. I wanted to build my personal brand up perfectly so that my fans could truly resonate with who I am and what I stand for.



I looked at other artist and saw how they dressed and the things they did to set themselves apart. I started trying to find inside of myself and outside what truly made me different than any other artist out there. I eventually realized it was the most basic thing I was subconsciously telling in my music the entire time…. My Life Story.

The only reason it took so long to realize that it was my way to inspire people was that when you live a crazy life, everything in the crazy life is normal to you. It’s more crazy to people who see it from the outside. To me, it was a normal “Well that’s just life I guess”. To you it’s “Wow, that’s crazy.”


Over the course of my music career I told 1,000s of fans my story in some way or another just because they asked questions and I always talked to fans from day 1. You can still talk to me on my Profile. Feel free to add me.


Fans always said how crazy my life story was. Eventually it all clicked and I realized that the story wasn’t only what set me apart, but it was what would make me stand out and help me inspire millions of people as more than a music artist.


tattoo my life video

So I started writing my life story like a book. I started writing it chapter by chapter in 2012. Shortly after I started writing my life story I was like “Wow, when it’s put down on paper, it’s even more crazy than it was in my head. I forgot half of this even happened until I dug for the memories I blocked out. Are people even going to believe this? How can I help show that it is all true and was really this crazy?”


So a side from recording the conversations I had with my family members when I was trying to dig up information and parts of my story I may have forgotten…


I realized that tattooing my life story on me would prove that this all happen. Why would someone get lies tattooed on their body? Crazy bold story lies?


If I was going to use my story to inspire people I wanted to make sure there was no doubt in my mind or your mind that I am 100% truly trying to inspire people with this. I also knew that as soon as these tattoos went on my body there was no more normal day jobs. This was all the way down to my wrist. There was no turning back and I was completely okay with that.


I had the feeling that my entire life actually had happened as shitty as it did so that I could take it and show people that chasing your dreams is possible regardless of how hard life is.


how tattoo my life is designed

I kept it on my inner arms because I saw how other artist just had random tattoos, they were never clearly thought out or used like my tattoo would be used to inspire people. I didn’t want my tattoo my life to be like anything else anyone had ever seen. So I decided on a way to make the tattoo my life sit on my arms in a unique way that has never been done before besides the fact that tattoo my life had never been done before. It sitting along my inner arms allows me to read and see the entire story everyday as well as easily explain it to anyone I want to read the story too.


I carefully took my story and highlighted the pieces I knew that people had to be told that were big parts in my story. I drew out the tattoo my life and made the words frames and decided to put pictures inside of those frames that described that time in my life. It slowly evolved randomly and became something I was truly proud of.


I figured from the beginning it would start with my birthplace and end with a tombstone that said “Legendary” on it. This way Tattoo My Life would show my entire life from start to finish beginning on my left wrist and ending on my right wrist. The left arm is ages 0-18 and the right arm will be 18-Death.


At this moment December 11th 2015 that I don’t have the right arms story finished is because it would cost about $1,200 to $1,500 to get it put on my right arm.

I also need to make sure that I write the entire second part out so that I don’t miss anything in the rest of the ‘Tattoo My Life’. In the original drawing  I would have added so much more if I knew what good tattoo artist were capable of and also if I had known more of my childhood that my family actually reminded me about that I didn’t remember. Such as being in a behavior home when I was 5, as well as when I was 9 and 10. I didn’t remember the one from when I was 5 but when my mom mentioned it, all of the memories flooded back. The story already had been tattooed at that point though.


Tattoo My Life – Part 2 will be coming in 2016 after we gain fans of part 1. There will actually be 4 parts to ‘Tattoo My Life’.  You’ll see! 🙂


Thanks For Reading Tattoo My Life

Tattoo My Life was originally a concept and sketch by Robert M. Novak and is based 100% on Robert M. Novak’s true life story.

Tattoo My Life


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