Ages 12-16

Chapter 4

Part 1

Moving Back To South Side Chicago

View Part 1 Age 12

Part 2

Park Forest Academy Tattoo

Being In Behavior Schools With The Baddest Kids In South Side Chicago

View Part 2 Ages 12

Part 3

How It Felt Being Fat, White & Picked On In An All Black School Until I Was Bulimic

View Part 3 Ages 13-14

Part 4

The Single Moment That Changed My Entire Life

View Part 4 Age 14-15

Part 5

I Had No Friends And Girls Didn't Give Me A Second Look

View Part 5 Age 14-15

Part 6

Getting Kicked Out Of The School You Can't Get Kicked Out Of

View Part 6 Age 14-15

Extra 1

Uncle Benny

View Extra 1 Age 14-15

Extra 2

bryco 380

That One Time I Put My Gun On The Counter At Subway

View Extra 2 Age 14-15

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