Other People’s Stories To Inspire You

Inspirational Life Stories

Inspirational Life Stories

I original made My Crazy Life Story to tell my story to inspire people. I’m not the only one with a crazy life story that can be used to help someone better their life.

So I thought “What better way to inspire people than to let others tell their amazing stories somewhere that it can be heard.”

And that is what this section is all about.



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By clicking here you will be brought to our Archive of inspirational stories of others who submitted their own story in hopes of it helping others.






Submit your inspirational life story

If you would like to submit your story because you think it may inspire people, simply send a short summary of less than 4 paragraphs outlining your life in an e-mail to NovAK[at]MyCrazyLifeStory.com

Give ample time to respond as I am an artist


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