So… Rob Dyrdek E-mailed Me | #5 | 1/25/2016

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So… Rob Dyrdek E-mailed Me | Crazy Life Today Entry #5 | 1/25/2016

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It has been a couple of weeks since I released my Tattoo My Life video. I have to say that I am very very disheartened by the results I got. But on the up side and most importantly I am extremely rejuvenated and massively happy (which destroyed any disheartening) that people are responding to it even better than I had expected! I knew it was going to inspire a lot of people but a lot of people are telling me that they tear up, they resonate with me and that they respect me and everything I do.


Those kinds of comments make it all worth it. I know that when I pop off again that everyone will end up going to the Tattoo My Life and every person that sees it is another person I can inspire. One by one bringing people into a better mindset and believing in themselves enough to chase their dreams and understand it all takes going through a lot of crap before those dreams can come to fruition.


Now let me touch on the reason why I felt (past tense) a bit disheartened. I sent the video to every single solitary site that did tattoos and did inspirational stuff. I can tell when someone reads an E-mail and a lot of them opened it and ignored my e-mail. The same journalist who are writing articles on cute cats and shit like that. It’s really sad that I send them personalized e-mails and they don’t even take a second to respond? Then I e-mail another person on the site and they don’t respond? It’s mind numbing. How is something like Tattoo My Life not competing with their current content? I consistently re-emailed everyone and again and again they would read the email and not respond. Lol okay then. That’s cool. I understand πŸ™‚ No biggie. (Slow breathing)

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Now, for the good news! The sites that did pay attention came back in FULL FORCE! One of the sites called JawDropInkΒ opened the e-mail and the person who read it said the most amazing things. My spirits were instantly lifted and I just knew at that moment that Tattoo My Life was going to do a lot for a lot of people.

Jaw Drop Ink My Crazy Life Story


Jaw Drop Ink My Crazy Life Story 2

I sent 2 other emails saying thank you before Frans sent back that e-mail btw. I was so happy.

Snowballing you say!?!?!?! Now this right here made me ecstatic! Why? Because those pages that Jaw Drop Ink runs have a total of over 2,000,000 page likes!!!!!!! I was like “OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! THIS IS ABOUT TO GO VIRAL!” But alas… It only gave me about 20,000 views on the video :/ Facebook… Don’t even get me started. I also threw a bunch of money into marketing it to my own fans which costs me a bunch of money and only got me about 8,000 views. What a joke lol. Why should I have to pay $500 to reach my own Fan Base that I spent time building over YEARS of hard work? That’s why I need YOU to sign up to my E-mail list so I can reach you personally. Sign up at the bottom of this page! πŸ™‚ Thank you.


Then after this happened, another page with 1.2 million likes posted it as well! I was stoked again! But then that only gave me 4,000 views on the video. Wtf?! lol.

It’s cool though, gotta keep pushing on.

Over the last week a few of the sites hit me back since I kept e-mailing them and they finally watched it! Then they asked me if they could post it up. So right now I am waiting for 2 big sites to post it up still.

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I met Rob Dyrdek last year and he talked to me outside of the Fantasy Factory for about 15 minutes giving me all of this insane knowledge and advice in only the way Rob Dyrdek can. He called me a genius but that’s a story for another time. Well when we left the Fantasy Factory he said “Here take my e-mail me and send me a business plan with how I can help and keep in touch!” Of course I memorized that email instantly :’D Well I sent him the Tattoo My Life and also told him I am writing my life story and that he is in it, you’ll see why in Part 4 of my life story here on My Crazy Life Story when it releases in a few months.

Here is the E-mail I got from Rob Dyrdek:


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I am also happy to report a lot of incredible things going on in the music realm. I have gained a lot of traction with some major media sites that will be interviewing me for stuff in the near future. I have finished a new music video I am excited to release soon and I am making MASSES of songs that are turning out to be hits. Practice makes perfect.


Just as exciting is that I found a schedule that actually excites me, is easy to stick too, and follows the 80/20 rule which I never started following until last Monday. Now every single day is perfectly aligned to get large amounts of work done every single day that massively helps me in all areas of my life from Music to Social Skills to Networking to My Body/Health, Spirit and mind,, All other business activities and a lot more. It’s absolutely incredible.


I follow an hour by hour schedule every single day no matter what. It allows me to maximize my results. I was about to show you, but it’s a lot of stuff I don’t think people would understand and a lot of stuff that people would ask me “Wow, how do you do that?” so I’m not even going to give me exact schedule. Just know It’s 6:30AM everyday NO MATTER WHAT.


Having a structure like this allows for an insane amount of efficiency. I simply just look at the clock and I look at the schedule and I know what to do until that time span is over. If you aren’t organized like this and you have as many things to do as I do, you will have so many things you need to do that you will not get anything done because you don’t know where to start and so you end up doing nothing. I have been trying to find the best schedule for myself for YEARS and I honestly feel I have found the base structure that will soon evolve into the perfect schedule.


So what I am saying is… I am doing fucking great! Momentum is building at an insane rate towards massive success. I will be at the top in no time!


– Novi NovAK

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