Crazy Life Today #4 – Tattoo My Life Releasing And How People Are Making Me Feel

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Crazy Life Today Entry #4 – 1/7/2016


I released my Tattoo My Life video yesterday. It seems like I released it 10 minutes ago as fast as time has zoomed by from all the E-mails I’ve been sending and all the sharing I’ve done of the video.


So far the responses are nothing but absolutely incredible and people are talking about inspirational it is. That’s exactly what I wanted!!! It feels so good that I am getting the reaction I wanted from it and that it is affecting people in a great way!


Tons of people are inboxing me thanking me for telling my story. It’s so amazing that I can take all of that bad and turn it into something good. I won’t lie though, I truly hope this spreads and gets seen by millions and millions of people to help inspire people to appreciate their life and chase their dreams.


I sent a lot of e-mails to a bunch of tattoo websites and only 1 picked it up so far. I’m hoping more sites pick it up. Sites like post stuff about slutty girls on Instagram arguing with haters of her tattoos but they won’t post something like this? I see them open the emails using email plugins I have, then they don’t even respond. Pretty sad :/ If this blog was bigger at the moment I would request everyone go through the list of E-mails I have to major media and people help me market the Tattoo My Life. The further it spreads the more people we help.


It’s stressful hoping it’ll just spread on it’s own and then not getting a response from people you really really felt would love what you showed them. By 6PM today I had to just go to the gym and work out some frustration. I never get head aches and suddenly I had one from the pressure of everything going on. I started having doubtful thoughts like “What if this doesn’t spread.” and “What if enough people don’t even care. You went through that your whole life and then barely anyone seems to care.” wow… it hurts even typing that. That’s the feeling that gave me a headache and made me go to the gym. I started listening to an audio book I really like called ‘The Power Of Now’ and it really helped me get back into a positive mind set.


I only even mention all of this because I want people to understand that there is pressure on everyone. This is a big moment for me, an album just released and I am telling my life story that I spent my whole life putting together. I need this to work. But I can’t cave under pressure. I have to make sure I continuously keep myself balanced and focused on the ultimate goal. I can’t let the small things get to me like they did today. I have to keep pushing forward especially now that it’s crunch time!


Don’t worry! I am not near done marketing the Tattoo My Life. We are just getting started. I will be marketing for the next 5 days straight from sun up to sun down! I finished autographing and making 150 CDs yesterday. Now I just have to mail them out in the morning. This is non-stop! I am writing this article then I am going to test some more CDs to make sure they work, then autograph those haha. Go to bed, wake up and send more e-mails and then repeat the process.


In about a week I initiate the next phase of my plan and then we continue from there. If you really want to make your dreams come true. You have to KEEP CHASING THEM!


– NovAK


Author: NovAK

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