Crazy Life Today Entry #3 – My New Year’s Resolutions

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Crazy Life Today Entry #3 – 12/31/2015 – New Year’s Eve

New Years Resolution

For starters I would like to point out how happy I am to see that people want to be better. When I ask what everyone’s New Years Resolution is they say things like this:


I truly hope everyone can make these things happen.


The end of the year is upon me. It has been 1 looooooooooooooooong ass year that seems to have been 1 short ass year. Anyone who is so busy that the days all run together probably feel the exact same way.

I wake up on Mondays super refreshed and ready to take on the week super excited week after week. After I wake up Monday it’s suddenly Wednesday, Friday, Then Monday again. I often lose track of the days. I have a To-Do list I follow in order to knock out all of the tasks to make everything come to fruition. Keeping my focus on that makes time zoom by.

I had the idea yesterday that I should have been cataloging each and every single thing that I have done daily the last few months so that people can see how much gets done every single day that alllllllllll adds up to success at the end of a year.

I did keep track of what I did every single day for a few weeks in order to be able to look back at the day and KNOW I accomplished things without the day ending and asking myself “What the fuck did I even do today? Did I get anything done? I was working but what did I finish?”

That’s because I do so many things one thing after another that you forget by the end of the day alllll that you do. I felt like showing people all of the work down to the detail would have been amazing leading up to everything that’s about to happen but unfortunately I stopped doing the list :/

I think I will start making a list when everything starts happening so that people can see everything it takes at the upper league level.


I know that making it to that level is only the beginning and I can comfortably say I am more ready now than forever. I had a Skype business meeting mastermind yesterday and we talked about what would have happened if I made it big big 3 years ago…. I told him I would have been screwed because I didn’t understand any of the most important factors to success. I had work ethic, but the wrong attitude towards everything else.

I told him what I knew to be true, “I would have shot myself in the foot 30 times if I would have made it. I would have burned so many bridges I would have been trapped on an island by myself. Making it the right way now, at least I only shot myself in the foot twice, but I healed up stronger than ever and I’m only aiming for my enemies feet now.”

It’s the truth though. Whether I am just justifying all of my failures to myself or not, If I would have made it BIG in 2011-2012 with the lack of knowledge, mind set and attitude I had, I would have lost all chances at pulling off the size and massive success that is going to happen in my future.

This is because I didn’t understand the following:


  1. People
    How to interact with people, how they work, how they want to be treated and cared about. I never developed these skills in my childhood since the environment didn’t allow for proper growth. Reading books and applying all of the things I learned has allowed me to grow and not be so socially awkward and weird like I was just a few years ago. If I wanted to be a leader, I sure as hell couldn’t do it being who I was a few years back. 😀
  2. The Power And Necessity Of Networking And Relationships
    I used to think I didn’t need anyone. Why do you think I am so gungho or however you say that (lol) on doing all the work myself. As you get deeper into any industry you realize that every industry is about relationships and having friends. The person with the most friends wins. As corny as it sounds, the old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” holds true.
  3. The Reason Money Is So Necessary 
    I used to think that even asking for people to buy merch or selling my songs or this or that was being a “sell out”.. You wanna know how I can prove this? 40 minutes ago I just started uploading my 1st mixtape to iTunes…. I never even tried to sell my first mixtape. Not even in the middle of me exploding… What a dumbass right? In the middle of buzzing I could have probably sold 10,000+ units of my first mixtape…. But I just continued to give it away for free. Never made Hard Copies, never uploaded it to iTunes, nothing. All because I thought people would look down on me for ‘selling’ and I wanted to be ‘real’. Well let’s be real… it takes money to survive and thrive to put your creative ideas into play and actually grow, get heard, tour and make MORE music and market it. What’s real is that I was so hard headed even 4 years ago that I shot myself in the foot like we talked about. :/ Now I understand that I can keep it ‘Real’ (and the realer the better) and still make money to push forward.
  4. Business And Branding
    I mean business from music to just business understanding. How businesses need money to thrive and how you need to monetize everywhere you can. Where to put that money to grow and how to get your money to work for you so you never go broke. Business systems, people psychology and how you can be yourself and being yourself is actually the business. I, Novi NovAK am the business (The Brand). So I need to build the best me I possibly can. I need to tell my story, let people all in my business lol. It’s good for business 🙂 I can be 100% myself  as long as I am being honest and people love that. I used to worry too much about people judging me… But.. I’m me…. who cares lol I’ve came way further than 99.9% of the people judging me, they can’t say shit 😀 so who cares 🙂
  5. Opportunities And Why Everyone Should Be Taken
    I passed on so many opportunities because I was hard headed and or scared. I no longer fear anything… I just go for it! Don’t let anything slip through your fingers.
  6. Being Prepared
    Be prepared and work your ass off to make sure when you chance does come that you are prepared to make it happen. Like I am in this very moment!
  7. My purpose and reason
    I knew I had a reason and a purpose… but not what it was exactly. I didn’t realize my life story could mean so much to so many people. I didn’t realize that me making songs about struggling was actually 10 times more meaningful than other rappers complaining about struggling because they didn’t struggle just to get to the struggle they were currently at. My purpose suddenly became inspiring people on a much higher level than with JUST MUSIC when I realized how my story could help people. This all just happened in this year.


Now I have a very firm grasps on all of these things and more. I say all of this because I want people to know that it took years of self development, mental hurdles and soul development in order to finally be ready. I gotta say my prayers to God and the Universe for allowing me to have NOT made it back then so that I could actually build myself into a person who is capable of not only handling success but excelling at success. Old me had too many flaws to count, new me learned how to take those flaws and adapt them or evolve them.

The things that I have learned from books and being so serious about growing out of my old shell has been a long grueling journey.

I never gave up… even when people told me I should and even when I felt there was no hope. I’d go to sleep crying some nights severely depressed. Then I would wake up the next morning with hope rebuilt and continue on my path.

There is no quitting…. there is no stopping…. if you want to be somewhere, you have to understand that it takes time and dedication. YEARS… Learning and growing and adapting and fighting demons. I want you all to know that.

I want to wish you a Happy New Year and the best in accomplishing everything you dream of. I hope you flourish and grow to your maximum potential, and I hope that I am someone that inspired you to keep pushing.

Push until your arms and legs give out… Then push some more. It’s all mental. Don’t sike yourself out. Know that you are unique and no one in the entire world will ever experience the same things that you have experienced that makes you who you are today. No one on this planet is _____ (Your Name There) and no one will ever be again. Learn what makes you the best you and build on it. Build more and build until it’s a skyscraper that everyone can’t help but look at in awe and amazement when they stand before you.

If I made it this far.. You can sure as fuck make it wherever you want to be.



My New Year’s Resolutions are the same as they will ever be…. To be a person who inspires millions of people in such a way that it literally changes the world from all of the inspiration I have caused. It is quite the goal… But at the same time it is completely possible. I know it is… because I can feel it already starting.


– Novi NovAK


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