My Life Story – Chapter 5 – Part 5

Part 5

That time a guy drugged my girl to rape her and I followed him home. 

On weekends people would battle rap in Anderson outside of Buffalo Wild Wings. That was the ‘Hang Out’ for everyone in Anderson because the town was so incredibly lame.

People would all gather around and people would battle and etc. I never ever jumped in until one time I was feelin really ballsy when this guy was murdering all these wack ass rappers.

I stepped in and just slaughtered him…. he didn’t even know what to say, how to say it, or who to say it to.

Everyone was like “What the fuck.” Everyone was clapping and screaming and his team was like “You gonna say something back?” lol but he didn’t. Instead he took it like a true sport which I can respect looking back on now.

Then he tried to sell me his mixtape for $5 and asked me if I wanted to be on his next one. The feeling of winning a battle with a group of people around you can’t be described. It’s like sex mixed with sex mixed with whatever drug there is that makes your brain feel like you’re having sex. It’s the ultimate orgasm.


About a month later I talking to a girl in Anderson, who had seen me battle that night. We went to a house party, went inside and at some point the people there drugged the girl I was with.

She said she didn’t feel good at all suddenly and asked me to go grab her purse for her.

I went outside to grab it from my car and then when I tried to go back inside 3 guys were in front of the entrance purposefully blocking me. They wouldn’t let me in and I said “Well my girl’s in there” and they said “She’s with us now”.

Seriously… that is what they said. Rapist.

I was like you need to get her for me, that’s my girl.

Then suddenly I got jumped, this big fat kid about 3 feet from me who didn’t look flexible at all kicked me in the forehead. I was like holy shit, dumbfounded he could even kick that high as another guy ran up from the side and just cracked me, my left molar tooth shattered as I got hit (which is still shattered to this day because I got so used to it. I couldn’t afford to get it fixed back then.)


I was suddenly fighting 3 people because they wanted to date rape the chick I brought and her friend.

I ran back to my car, got inside and thought about it for a minute. Then I screamed to myself frustrated at the top of my lungs inside the car.

I was angry as fuck and this is why angry irresponsible people shouldn’t have guns. Because If I did, I would still be in prison at this moment because when I was that young

I thought about how can I get her out of the house. I got it! I hopped out of the car and screamed “I’m calling the cops and telling them you’re raping girls in the house!!!”

I did this to make them all leave the house. I really DIDN’T call the cops. I just knew that would make them scatter.

Then as they piled out, I followed the car I saw my girl get half lifelessly pulled into by a random different guy and I followed the car all the way back to a small apartment duplex in Anderson.

I stayed back as he carried her inside. Then I drove 1/4 mile away, found a safe place to park, and hopped fences all the way back to the house in a straight line. There was only the car he drove there and there was no garage so I knew they were alone.

I checked all windows to see if one might slide open, I went to the back and somehow got the backdoor open by using something I found in a bin next to the door.

I slipped into the house that was pitch black aside from light shining into the kitchen I was now standing in. I listened for noises, and as I heard them, I felt along the walls following the direction of the noise I heard.

About 20 seconds later I blindly bumped my body into a bedroom door which was the room they were in. It was like 99% darkness in the hallway. I opened the door, rubbed my hand along the wall for the light and turned it on.

The guy was laying there and she was super fucked up barely conscious. His hand position and body angle looked like he was just starting to touch on her.

He said “What the fuck!!!” And I went at him in full rage, pummeling him. He was really athletic, when he stumbled up from me pummeling him I was very confused how, then again he was probably drunk. Then we ran at each other and as we clashed got one solid blow to his nose then I started banging his head into the wall until he was unconscious.

I could see all of his hair along with his blood sticking out of the cracked wall surface. I grabbed the girl and put her over my shoulder and I stepped on his face as I walked over the rapist piece of shit. Yes, that is really how it happened. I even gave my foot a twist AS I stepped on his face and walked over him.

I had just got jumped by this guys friends. Fuck these rapist pieces of shit.

When we got outside she was able to half way walk while leaning on me. Whenever she would let go she started walking all the wrong directions and a bunch of other weird fucked up body movements.

She was saying things about how much blood there was etc, super in shock as to what just happened and she was saying a bunch of other stuff I’m not going to repeat because it is absolutely looney tunes.

I feel it necessary to remind you, this was the girl I had been dating two weeks or so.

The people who hung out in Anderson knew who I was, because I was the white guy that battled from Chicago every weekend. Being that I really had no friends to have my back at the battles, I couldn’t even go back to the only place I felt cool for once.

The guy that I beat up was being described as looking like a cartoon character by everyone around because of what I did to him.

Everyone in that town was now looking to beat me up. Because he was telling them I broke into his apartment and started attacking him and that’s how he looked so messed up.

Seeing my above story you can see the story he was telling was not all of the truth. And he wasn’t about to press charges on me because then I’d tell cops he was raping girls.

Who knows how often he did that, right?

With in 2 months I lost my job for being too abrasive with customers that had attitudes with me. I absolutely hated it in Indiana. The people, their accent, the smell, the smell OF the people lol.


I already had no friends, everyone I could have possibly made friends with, were now out looking in packs to fight me and get revenge because that guy.

I had no help from anyone and a $140 final paycheck from Menards. I wasn’t happy and that wasn’t a place that was working out for me.

So I went back to South Side Chicago and that’s when all the fun really started.


The Rest Of The Story Will Be Posted Sometime In 2016 😀 The rest of my story is probably the most insane stuff.


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