My Life Story – Chapter 2 – Extra 4


While everyone else was still reading basically Cat in the hat books, I was already reading Hank The Cow Dog books which were like 6th Grader books.

Then to EVERY Goosebumps book and I mean EVERY ONE! Then I moved from there to books at a 11th grade level.

I was constantly checking out books from the Library, then there came a point where there weren’t books left I was interested in. So my teachers assistant started bringing in books for me to read.

A huge reason I am able to write the way I do today is because when I was 7 my Aunt Told me if I memorize the ENTIRE dictionary she would give me $1,000.

You know cartoons when their eyes bulge out of their head and it has money signs, I think that actually happened when she said that.

I obviously didn’t memorize the ENTIRE dictionary but I sure as hell learned A LOT of words and did A LOT of dictionary reading for the next 6 months. I think I might offer my kid $1,000 too when he is old enough to read. And when I have a kid 😛


Life Story – Chapter 2 – Extra 5


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