Life Story – Chapter 2 – Extra 2

ExtraNo, his name wasn’t really Bubba but that was his nickname.

Bubba lived down the street, the next block over. His older brother had a Super Nintendo so I always went over there to play it with him.

His house was nassssssty.

One night I remember a cock roach crawling into my mouth and as much as I didn’t wanna put this in the book… the thing crawled into my mouth while I was sleepin on the floor during a sleep over and I started chewing it while I was sleeping and very slowly woke up thinking “Wow this is incredibly delicious and juicy.” and it was, weirdly, juicy, I can remember.

I see why certain countries eat them, but it’s still a bug.

Then woke up because its back legs were pushing on my face struggling to get out of me chewing on it. I woke up like “OMFG!” spitting it out and half of its body was still moving.


Bubba was like 6 when I was 8. I’d beat him up, then his older 14 year old brother would beat me up. The circle of life haha.


Chapter 2 – Extra 3 – My Cousin Jason


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