What Is My Crazy Life Story?

I have always wanted to inspire people. If you’re a true fan of mine, you definitely know that. I want to help people in any way that I can. I want people to remember that someone inspired them and pushed them to be great.

I was shy, weak, socially awkward and timid for a majority of my life because of how I was thrown around as a kid. I had no mother or father, was placed outside of societies normal structure and had no balance in life to the point where I couldn’t grow.

I want to show people how I over came all of these weaknesses mentally to shape myself and stay driven to be something no one in my entire life ever expected me to be.

The environment you grow up in are what molds your perception of ‘Normal life’. The things you experience are the things that are ‘Normal’ to you and that you think are ‘Normal’ to everyone else. When you don’t see how other people live, you don’t understand the true definition of normal society. I finally realized around 24 years old, that the life I’ve lived wasn’t anything near normal.

The way I was raised and the way I saw the world wasn’t the same as everybody else. I had always wondered why life is so hard and as I grew I started realizing how the world will completely eat you alive. It is much worse for people who don’t understand how to deal with things like a ‘Normal’ person.

So I decided to start changing myself for the better one step at a time and become the greatest person I could possibly become. Knowing that I would never give up and that I would make my dreams a reality, I decided to start writing my life story so that when I made it, people could see that no matter where you start or when you start, accomplishing your dreams is possible for anyone on this planet.

Everything in my life story is 100% true and written by Robert M. Novak (Rob Level).

If you have been inspired by My Crazy Life Story please send an email to [email protected] titled “Inspired” to tell me how you’ve been inspired or submit your own story to My Crazy Life Story. There is a chance I will post it in the ‘Those I’ve Inspired’ page to also inspire OTHERS. 🙂

- Rob Level
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