My Life Story – Chapter 5 – Part 2

Part 2

Pendleton Indiana Tattoo

I think it’s funny I’m probably the only person on the face of the planet with ‘Pendleton’ tattooed on their body. Especially since it’s a place I dislike more than almost any other place. But it’s a part of my story, so It needed to be in it.


Since Phoenix didn’t work out and I still had 1 year of high school to complete. I moved to Pendleton, IN with my Aunt And Uncle.

My Uncle’s parents had passed so he and his sister were left the house. He didn’t wanna sell the house for memory reasons and a bunch of other stuff. So he decided he would move in, pay the bills, take care of it etc. Plus his current job was slowly going out of business and my aunt worked there too so they both took the hit and just moved to Indiana. Yee haw.

The house was 5 miles from the center of town on 6 Acres of land. It was across the street from Mennonites which are basically Amish people that still use SOME forms of current technology. They were farmers, and there were fields of corn all around us.

The town was also 100% white. There were KKK barns, burned stakes and crosses less than a mile from the house.

So let’s picture this really quick.

I went from being the only white kid for 5 years in an ALL BLACK school in South Side Chicago. To an ALL WHITE RACIST raised children, hillbilly/country community.

I dressed in baggy clothes, my only skill was rapping and I talked extremely black.

Sounds like this might get fun doesn’t it?


What the hell is Abercrombie and Fitch?

Sandals, ripped Jeans, country accents, COUNTRY MUSIC and me.

I already barely had any social skills. My only social skills came from fist fighting and rapping to fit in. This was probably THE WORST POSSIBLE SITUATION you could have thrown me into.

But hey! My life was so great before this, right?

Everyone avoided me, I told kids I rapped, rapped for them, they laughed at me. Even though kids from Chicago “Got it.” and knew I was good for a white guy.

I was just repeatedly getting shit on and couldn’t fit in at all.

And since everyone was mean to me, even the kids who were almost nice to me, seemed like assholes because I assumed they were just fucking with me anyways when they talked to me. Since some kids did just fuck with me in that manner a lot.


Random Story:

I went to school on Halloween at Pendleton dressed as a rapper…. everyone made fun of me. Real funny now though huh? 🙂

Kids from Pendleton have inboxed me over the years and say “OMG I go to the same school you went too! Big fan man!” This has actually happened dozens of times. As well as all the people who used to pick on me hitting me up.


My Uncle warned me

I’m going to say, at least 15 times he warned me “Do NOT go to that school and tell those kids you are from Chicago.”

Do you want to guess the nick name the English teacher gave me on my 2nd day of school?

“Chicago.” That’s right….. Every kid in the school didn’t call me by my name the entire year, nahhhhh, they called me Chicago.

I felt really cool too. I knew that I stood out from all these kids because I was different. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good different in this environment. I was a complete outcast. And I was already very aggressive because of my previous school system set up and because I was from the street/Chicago I felt they were Country Hillbilly folks and the feeling went both ways.


Heart Eyes Face

Oh my god. This was the very first ability I had since the 5th grade, where I was able to be around girls all day. And when you are 16 years old, every single girl is hot. I mean every single one of them. Every single girl in the school made me rethink my entire existence and what I was doing from the clothes I wrote, to my hair, to my looks overall and the gym. So……

I had to fit in or die…. socially.

I wanted to fit in, period. I hated being home every Friday and Saturday in the country house 5 miles from town, angry at the world. I needed to do anything I could to make friends. All I had was a bike, and you can’t really ride a bike in the pitch black to town even if you had friends. So if I made a friend they had to have a car and be willing to come get my weird ass from the middle of nowhere.



I immediately realized a sports team would be a great way to make friends. Even though I didn’t practice over the Summer, somehow the Football coach let me on the team.

That lasted like 2 weeks.

The main coach was a former Drill Sergeant. He just screamed at people and I didn’t like being screamed at, especially by a 55 year old man, so I never listened to him.

There were 2 times where me and him almost got into fist fights because I told him not to talk to me like that and especially not to talk to me like that while being 1 foot from my face.

It was just a built in reflex of not liking to be disrespected. I had never had a normal team coach before so I didn’t realize if that was normal or not. I still think NOT. It wasn’t the NFL.

The last time he screamed at me, the next day when everyone was practicing I walked right by the field and waved at everyone as I was walking the 5 miles back to my house.

As I walked by both coaches were screaming “Novak! Get your ass back here! PRACTICE IS MANDATORY!!!” and I just kept waving as I walked by.

I didn’t even get to play one game, they kicked me off of the football team.

Here he isRandomly stumbled upon his picture when looking for a PH Jersey. I’m sure he was a nice guy, we just didn’t get along lol. 


Every year for as long as I could remember, before the school year started my Aunt Susie would buy me 1 pair of jeans and 3 shirts. If I was lucky, a pair of new shoes that were $50 tops. That’s just how it always was.

Welp, before I started that Senior school year, I had already made the decision to purchase my wigger clothes.

I didn’t know any better. The school was full of Ambercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and whatever the hell else they wore. I totally 100% didn’t fit in. Being white was about all I had but as soon as I opened my mouth that went out the door.

I started really really REALLY REALLY liking the preppy girls, the look of them, just everything. This was the most important and trans-formative social year of my life. I had to fit in, I wanted friends and I wanted the girls to like me. Usually people go through this shift in like 7th grade. I was 5 years behind socially.


This school year is what phased me into the hybrid look I have now that is partially preppy with a very wiggerish after taste lol. It’s why it was hard for me to find a fashion style that fit me. Half of me wants to smack the fuck out of me for spiking my hair, then the other half of me wants to do whatever it takes to attract a female. I’ve been torn like this since I was 16. 

When I finally went back to Chicago, I was more confused than ever because the preppy shit was completely unacceptable to fit in with black people I started befriending.

It was way harder to be accepted than trying to be wiggerish around the white kids. That’s a story for after graduation though.


Part 3

Chapter 5 – Part 3 – Fighting the BIGGEST kids from the school


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