Chapter 5, Part 3


“He is literally so big, he kicks my leg as I’m turning, and I do a complete 360-degree front flip. I roll to get up, punch him anywhere I can”

I never got to go to a school dance, a prom, a school sports game or anything like that.

At Pendleton, the one time that I went to a football game. I’m not even kidding you, the BIGGEST (and excuse me for talking in caps, but this is how I would say it all out loud if you were in front of me.) THE BIGGEST, most country-looking ass, Bubba Sparxxx-looking, 320+ lb., 6-foot-something guy, who was expelled from the school permanently and was like 20+ years old threw pop corn at me because he knew I was the kid from Chicago.

I told him to stop throwing popcorn at me once, he did again, and I screamed at him. Somehow, it turned into a HUGE fight circle after the game. This guy was literally more than TWICE my size. I weighed 150 lbs wet.

I just searched Google for 15 minutes to find a picture of this guy, and I can’t find it. I should probably type in ‘mugshot’ Whatever lol. Side story: I do remember that he got stabbed later by a 7-inch blade when he attacked another guy that was my size. He survived.

Anyway, I am in a circle of people all screaming to fight. I’m in the middle. This Goliath-ass, country-ass, cornbread-fed motherfucker is coming at me like his name is Lenny and I’m a pettable mouse. My brain tells me, “RUN! YOU DO NOT STAND A CHANCE.”

I turn to run, and he kicked my leg as I’m turning around. He was so big the impact of his kick made me do a complete front flip.

I roll to get up, punch him anywhere I can (which in this case happened to be the ear), and just get the fuck out of there.

Even now at my current size of 5′9″ and 200 lbs., honestly, I wouldn’t want to fight this guy. That is how big he was or seemed when I was smaller. Everyone seems big when you’re small though. Maybe he wouldn’t seem very big now that I’m 50 pounds of muscle heavier and a lot more experienced at everything. 😉

Either way, similar to the getting choked in Colorado situation. This all happened on school property – teachers watched this happen. Charges were pressed on him by the school because I was a minor and he was 20 something.

Long story short, we went to court and I was supposed to testify about what happened. My uncle told me I needed to testify and put this bully in jail. I told my uncle I already don’t have any friends at this school, and that would just make it even worse.

When we were standing in the open area before court, the guy I got into the fight with walked over in his suit and tie looking all cleaned up and literally begged me until he almost cried, saying, “This is my last strike, man. I don’t wanna go back to jail. I am sorry, please don’t do this.” Blah blah blah blah. I decided not to do it. I didn’t wanna be that person anyway, regardless of the situation.

It still seemed like the right choice, and it feels good I kept him out of jail (at least till I’m sure he went back).


Another key moment in going to this school that I remember is fighting the biggest most steroid abusing kid in the high school.

The week before, I was riding my bike to town and fell off the bike, flipped forward, and my dominant wrist (right hand) bent backward. We couldn’t afford to bring me to the doctor, so my aunt bought a $10 Walgreens soft cast to hold it in place.

In class, people were throwing shit at me. This kid threw a full rubber eraser at my head. I turned around and said, “If you throw one more thing at me, I am going to stab you in the neck with a pencil.”

That was the last period in school. The bell rang, we all went to our lockers to leave. I was talking to a girl (the first one that actually kinda liked me at all) by the doorway to leave. I was facing outside, and she was facing inside toward the school hallway. Her face went down like, “Oh shit.”

Everything went in slow motion. I knew I was about to get sucker punched.

BOOOOOM! I had to have flown 5 feet, and the extra weight of my bookbag on my right shoulder carried me further. My wrist is fucked up. How do I fight a guy who just sucker punches me that is WAY bigger than me.

I am so dazed and confused from being hit, I hopped up and said, “Youuuuuuus a biiiiitch!” and punch him in the throat with my left hand, then in the forehead with my left hand. I couldn’t punch with my fucking left hand back then.

He was fighting a cripple, and this guy was TWICE my size.


A teacher grabbed me, and while he was holding me, the guy got to punch me in the face again. Then, another teacher grabbed him.

Parents were called, and the police were called after the principal questioned us. My uncle came to the school before the cops took me. My uncle saw the other guy and said, “Why do you keep getting into fights with the kids that are that big. Look at the size of his forearms!” I mean the kid was known to be on juice. He was 17 and looked 27. This guy had a beard…I’m not joking.

When we were in the cop car, he was in the front in no hand cuffs and I was in the back with handcuffs for some reason.

Apparently, it was the threat to stab him in the neck. The cop said, “How is football season going? I heard you hit like a train,” and from the backseat I said, “It sure didn’t feel like a train when when it’s a sucker punch.”

Then, we were in juvie for a couple days and got out. When we got back to school kids were saying I got beat up. I’m sitting there with a cast on my hand again, explaining how he is twice my size and had to run up from behind me to attack me to win. Honestly sad.


My aunt screamed, “Robbie! Get in here quick!” I ran into the kitchen where she watches TV, and he was on the news on a police camera in a room, confessing to throwing the baby against the wall.


December 18, 2015

I got this message from a guy who went to Pendleton with me. I didn’t even realize who the guy was at first, and then I realized he was one of the kids from what I considered the ‘Cool Crowd’. I never personally had any issues with this guy, I just didn’t fit in so no one got to know me.

Cool thing is that he sent me these messages. It’s just a really cool feeling to see someone else’s perspective from Pendleton. Also, to see that not everything is what it seems and you can’t judge a book by its cover as I used to when I was younger.



“What’s going on man? Just wanted to let you know, I dig the album. Been following you since I found out about you. bought everything on iTunes to support you. not sure if you remember me, but we had some classes together our senior year. through the years playing baseball and shit i met a lot of people and always had them listen to you. funny story that i thought was pretty cool was a couple years ago a buddy of mine was playing college ball at the university of Maryland and i told him about you and he had some of his teammates listen to your stuff. this was when the Aura of supervillian just came out, and one of his teammates had your supervillian song as his walk out song when he came up to bat. thought it was cool that i have helped spread the word about you. i enjoy you music man, and will keep supporting you and spreading the word about novi nove. keep it up man. and congrats on the album.



“Right on man, for sure, I know people steal music, and Im not going to lie and say I haven’t. lol. but I definitely bought yours. im always jamming out to some novi at work, got some dudes around me that really like that don’t knock my hustle song from you album. must say the albums pretty solid.

I saw this thing on youtube about reading your story, and of course I went to the part that was the worst year of your life. haha. ptown Indiana. and I must say I definitely feel like I fell in that category of being one of the people that was really just being cool with you but because I am sure I looked the part of that preppy white boy you assumed I was just being an asshole. I completely get why.

but I really wasn’t one of those dudes that looked at you as some outcast or anything. you were different, yeah, but that shit doesn’t matter to me. I grew up poor, my parents struggled to provide for me and my 3 brothers. we had a rough household and I never was one to judge.

I remember we had a creative writing class together with that hippy teacher and you wrote a long-ass poem about how you would be a rapper and shit, and I remember thinking man, that was pretty solid.

I’ve always liked rap. I’d like to think I’m pretty educated in the music. and I definitely feel like your style is more hip hop than most of these lame-ass rappers out there now. that don’t rap about shit, they just make a decent beat and auto-tune their voice and say nothing on the tracks. It’s nice to listen to people who have content in their music, a story if you will.

The way you put words together on the tracks is solid you tell a story, I’d say your style is more of a throwback style which is good. the new shit sucks. keep putting out the good shit man, and ill keep buying it. get with that dude Tech N9ne I saw you posted something right before one size fits all about being at the Strange Music studio. that would be awesome if you had Tech on a track, he’s one my favorites.

Last thing, ha, writing your ass a novel here. good ol’ Jeff Hodson. hahaha. I remember hearing about that fight. Dude was a fuck. in middle school I was a little dude, always was smaller and his ass was a grown-ass man already because he had a needle in his ass so he always tried to punk on me, so finally I got sick of it and put him in his place. he never fucked with me again.

SIDE NOTE: Jeff Hodson was the guy on Steroids who sucker punched me. Everyone knew he was on Steroids… hence ‘Needle in his ass’

I feel like we were pretty similar, smaller guys but didn’t take shit, the only difference was I grew up in the town and people knew not to fuck with me, you came in and obviously had a different background then a lot of the rich fucks from Pendleton who would never understand what you been through and had that stuck up attitude and thought it was cool to clown on people that were different form what they were used to. fucking pussies is what they are.

I remember you drawing a dog flipping with its middle finger up in Mrs. Webster’s class on a page you had to turn in, shit was funny. aight man, take it easy. keep doing your thing man, its good to see you doing well, especially after reading your story and seeing the shit you been through. definitely makes your music that much more enjoyable to listen to.”


My response:

His response:

My response:

His response:

My response:

Why I shared:

I felt it would be really cool to share this – not only because he gives more insight on the situation at Pendleton, but it shows I was trying to be a rapper from the beginning 😀. I also wanted to show that I don’t have anything against people at Pendleton.

I know it may seem like I have built-up hatred or anger from the way I explained Pendleton in this story, but honestly, I’m good. I hope everyone is doing well. I wish everyone the best.

That’s the best attitude to have.

Wayne wasn’t the only person who reached out to me from Pendleton over the years, but he was the only one I remember being in the ‘cool crowd’ that made me feel much more outcasted. I used to want to be like the kids in his clique because I swore they got all the girls haha.

It’s been a long road.


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