My Life Story – Chapter 4 – Part 6

Part 6

I had made my way up to Level 5! Yea, the good kid level. That took me YEARS! That is 60 school days of being good in a row!!! Then on level 5, once you reach day 20 you are supposed to be able to have a meeting with your Principal and they decide if it is a good idea to let you go into the main stream school system again and be a normal part of society.


I never received that meeting though, even when I made it to Level 5 day 28. They were jerking me around. If you lose 3 tokens you drop your level, that’s as easy as talking out of turn 3 times in 1 day.

So here’s what happened.

A student that sat directly behind me, talked out of turn. The 300 pound 6′ 5″ teachers aide looked up from his greasy fast food lunch (that he ate like a hobo) and gave me a ‘Talk Out’ fine.

I defended myself and said that it wasn’t me. He gave me ‘talk out times two’. I defended politely saying that it was the student behind me. He then gave me a talk out times 3 and said “You just dropped your level”.

I was already frustrated that I had made it all the way to Level 5 Day 28. I was waiting impatiently for the meeting that was 8 school days passed my deserved meeting to get out.

So I was already on edge about that, then as he said that I dropped my level I instantly realized that dropping down to Level 4 day 0 would mean I just lost 38 school days of good behavior because this fat 38 year old guy making just over minimum wage as an assistant/bodyguard to teachers wasn’t doing his job and paying attention.

I instantly snapped and started screaming that I didn’t do anything. He asked if I wanted to be restrained. As his rhinoceros sized self stepped towards me fast and aggressively, I started punching him in the face in self defense. I was in fear of him tackling me to get me to the ground. Because often times they would do that to restrain students who got out of control.

He stumbled back and screamed “STAFFFFFF!” which was like the teachers aid mating call to gather his fellow heavy set animal friends. That’s when all the other moose, rhinoceros and hippopotamus sized teachers aids starting running out of their class rooms. The whole building shook from the weight of the stampede headed towards me. (This is not a joke. This is how it happened every time someone got restrained.)

The most exciting part of a teachers aids day is when they get to restrain a student. Not even kidding here, every time a kid was restrained they had an ‘excited’ look on their face. They get us to the ground and then 2 of them just LAY on us with all their weight. I have seen them eat their lunch while restraining us, play game boys while sitting on us, have full out phone conversations with people, talk with one another and laugh and make jokes and more bs.

They often twist parts of your body that don’t twist or bend then apply more pressure to it.

They then took me to the ground – My 5′ 6″ at 140 lb. (at the time, I’m 5′ 9″ 200 Lbs now) self and restrained me for literally an hour. I yelled and kicked all the whole hour as three 300 pound teachers aids held me down on the floor and dug their elbows into my back and drove my knees into the concrete floor as they usually did when they restrain you.


From being held down so long with all that weight on my body, it caused me to turn purple (literally) with tons of marks all over my body.

We finally got around to taking pictures 5 hours later at my grandma’s house. This was because my Aunt and Uncle were at work and my grandma didn’t have a camera and didn’t think to take pictures. My Uncle showed up with a disposable camera.

This was hours later, imagine what I looked like the minute I was done getting restrained before blood started flowing again. 

Park Forest Academy child abuse

Park Forest Academy child abuse
Park Forest Academy child abusePark Forest Academy child abuserobbie_chin_neck_lft_12-05-02
Park Forest Academy child abusePark Forest Academy child abuse

See my little silver chain, I was such a thug lol. Kidding! Just trying to fit in :/

Also in case you didn’t know, I was a Junior in high school in these pictures. I look like I’m in 6th grade but I was just so small. This is why it was still easy for all the other kids to pick on me. 

The next day my Uncle called the police on the school for abuse. But the school got away with it because when your parents/guardian put you into the school they have to sign mandatory papers stating the teachers and teachers aids are allowed to physically restrain you however they feel necessary for their safety, as well as the safety of the other students. So needless to say but that is the ONLY reason none of those teachers went to jail for it.

What was crazy about PFA is that you could NOT be suspended… you could NOT be expelled. That was the point in a behavior school like this. It protected students from failing or getting kicked out of the school system. If you got kicked out of a normal school for serious behavior, you’d go to that schools behavior classes and then if you got kicked out of those classes you were finally sent to PFA.

Because of everything that happened, I was pulled out of that school immediately and since no other schools in the state of Illinois would accept me, because of my school records and behavior issues, I was forced to move states to finish high school.



Chapter 4 – Extra 1 – Uncle Benny


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