My Life Story – Chapter 4 – Part 5

Part 5

I didn’t know where to put this but it is important to mention.

Because all of the kids who went to my school were scattered 5-20 miles from the school. It wasn’t actually possible for me to be friends with any of them and go to their house and hang out. None of us exactly had cellphones either.

Honestly I had 1 true friend my entire life. (Even to this day, I only have 1 other person I really consider a friend. Everyone else are just acquaintances). From 11-17 my best and only friend was another fat white kid that was 2 years younger than me. We met at Toys R’ Us. Lol.

Honestly he is the only reason I ever had anything nice. My family couldn’t really afford to spend any money on me for Christmas or Birthdays. His family bought him nice things every Christmas and Birthday and well…. all the time.
He got the new this and new that or whatever he wanted.

So when he upgraded, I always got his hand me downs and his hand me downs were always better than what I had. I was honestly more excited to see what he got for Christmas than what I would get because I knew I’d be getting his old stuff and could probably play with his new stuff sometimes.

I’d get his old computer, his old clothes, his old whatever. He’d be like, “Do you want this? I don’t need this anymore I have 3 of them” lol. And I wouldn’t call him rich, it was just that he was in a weird home where somehow he was in control and his grandparents did anything for him that he asked.


I also had no idea how to interact normally in society because Park Forest Academy was a whole different world. It really was.

As far as girls, the only girls I ever saw were on TV. I had no interaction with females whatsoever. I was too timid to talk to them because they were like foreign creatures. To them I just looked like some lame wigger kid who dressed and talked funny because I spoke super hood like all the kids in my school. That was the only environment I knew.

Girls were a whole other issue I am not even going to begin talking about right now.


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