My Life Story – Chapter 3 – Part 4

Part 4

 The Phone Call About My Grandpa

I remember receiving the phone call of my Grandma telling me my Grandfather died and me crying hysterically.

Because the last time I had seen him he took me fishing and I cried like a little bitch because he got me a Burger King cheese burger that had ketchup and mustard on it and he screamed at me calling me a bitch for not eating it. Yes, he called me a bitch. That was my Grandpa.

I didn’t like condiments on my food until I was way older. First time my Uncle saw me eat Ketchup during a family visit he screamed “Susie, Get in here quick! He is eating Ketchup!” as he grinned laughing but shocked lol that really happened though.

Anyways, my grandfather wiped the ketchup and mustard off with a napkin and I ate it and stopped crying like a female.

I also don’t recall catching any fish, but I remember where we parked and fished. But what I hate is that this is the last memory I have of him, more cheese burger than fishing and honestly… it’s like the ONLY memory I have of him. I’m pretty sure that’s why I was crying so hard when I heard he had died. The only memory was one of me being a little bastard, similar to one of the the only memories of my dad.


The Illegal Visit From My Mom

My Grandpa died (My Mom’s Dad) and because of the coo coo’s nest incident and issues like that we were having with my Mom, my Aunt Susie didn’t let me go to the funeral.


My mom was terribly sad after my Grandpa’s funeral. On top of the funeral, she felt like she had also lost her son. She couldn’t get a hold of me and hadn’t seen me in forever. The combination of the two led to her immediately driving down from Chicago. Once they arrived after the 16 hour drive, they came and found me as I was just wondering the streets on my bike.

BikeThe tattoo of the bike resembles this entire incident. It sits in front of the house that lead to everything. 

Crazy…. thinking back I had absolutely no understanding of what was happening. I don’t think I even knew they weren’t allowed to see me because of the “coo coo nest” incident. I just didn’t think about it like that, I was a kid.

I didn’t understand why my mom was crying the whole time. I just remember riding my bike to the 7-11 and someone randomly screaming at me from a car to get my attention. That person was my little brother screaming “Hey You Little shit!” because my step dad told him to scream that to get my attention.

It was my step dad, Mom and 8 year old little brother. I don’t even think they got out of the car…. My mom just cried and hugged me through the window then they gave me like $5 or $10… maybe $20? The visit was 2 minutes tops! IF THAT!

That means they must have had a serious restraining order or something along those lines if it couldn’t even be a “Let’s go get you a kids meal from McDonalds. It’ll take 15 minutes.” type of visit.

Instead they drove up, screamed, hugged me through a window and threw me some money and then drove away.

To me it didn’t even register how big of a moment that was for them…. I was too young to understand. And I wasn’t like “Oh My God It’s my mom I’m so happy.” It was like “Oh… Hi there….. Wtf, $20, oh thanks! See ya later!”

Right after they drove away I spent like $15 of it on Bazooka Joe bubble gum at the 7-11 that I was on my way to when they stopped me.

Is it assholish to say that I recall enjoying the gum more than the visit? I was a kid! And I loved candy. And I also didn’t understand why it was so important for her to see me.

Anyways, since my constant behavior issues got my aunt booted out of the army, we had to move back to Chicago.


chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Part 1 – Moving Back To Chicago Where The Fun REALLY Starts


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