Chapter 3, Part 2


Now at this point, it would have seemed I am better behavior wise, right? WAY better than when I was 6 or 7.

My aunt and uncle felt my behavior was more stable and my mom wanted contact. Time passed, and everything seemed cool.

It got so much to the point that my mom was like, “Oh, his behavior is better? Can I have him for the summer?!” Somehow, my aunt agreed.

I think in my aunt’s head, she may have hoped my mom could handle me and that maybe I was a bit better so that I could:


Have my mom again.


My mom could have me.


By bringing us both back together, my aunt could have her own life back, which would have been great if this summer didn’t end the way it did.

So I went there with the intention of being there for the whole summer. But, for some reason, I was put into summer school (a behavior summer school of course, since no mainstream school would ever take me).

Again, it was a system with goodie bags and a token system. All of the kids of all ages clustered into one classroom. They would have 4th-graders with 8th-graders.

I attacked an 8th-grader for picking on me who was like 10 times my size. He started choking me, literally almost to death, and wouldn’t let me go until two teachers got him off of me.

The school pressed charges on the kid and he had so many priors that this would have been a strike that actually screwed him big time. He begged me not to press the charges or let the school press the charges.

I remember him and his father coming to our house (which was a no-no) and begging us not to continue forward.

I ended up refusing to press charges because I remember even when he was choking me, I thought it was funny (even though I was close to death and I didn’t have any anger towards him). I was one fucked up kid.

Things I remember about this school aside from almost being choked to death:


I had the 5th highest grades in the school and the top 5 kids with good grades got to go on a skiing trip. I think I was actually 6th, and that kid got in trouble 2 days before, so I got to go. Top 5 bitch! Haha.


That kid almost choked me to death. Ahhhh, memories.


The guy who drove us on the ski trip was one of the teachers. He couldn’t listen to the radio because he had been in an accident that apparently killed people? And he didn’t trust himself to have ANY distraction while driving. I remember asking for music, and he said no numerous times. It was silent for hours on the whole ride to and from the ski lodge. That’s creepy, isn’t it?

Another serious memory from this time was that the whole summer, I was supposed to receive an allowance ($5 a week or something along those lines). Every time it was time for me to get paid for my allowance, my gambling-addicted step-father made me play BlackJack against him for it. He would always make me keep playing until I lost my money, and he didn’t have to give me an allowance.

Now, I find this to be a GREAT parenting strategy to get your kids to hate gambling. I personally HATE gambling, and I think it’s because of this lol. Unfortunately, he was doing it so he could teach me BlackJack and because he didn’t want me having any money.

I don’t remember much else of what happened that summer. But I do remember this next part in some serious detail.


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