My Life Story – Chapter 2 – Part 4

Part 4

“And by that point the problems wouldn’t stop/
so we waste alot money tryin talk to a doc/
Turned out he was a fake dr. phil wanna be/
kelsey grammar tryin throw a buncha medication ontuh me/”

For a year+ we used to drive to Kileen to see a psychologist for an hour a week on Wednesday.

He would just ask me how I felt, I’d play with toys and my aunt would talk to him. I’d occasionally chime in.
Now that I think about it, it almost seems like the therapy was more for her than it was for me lol.

Maybe it was meant to be for me, but inside it helped her cope too.

The air was so dead in the room we spoke to him in… It was Stagnant, Dull…. I’m just recalling this memory. Such a creepy feeling.

I wish I remembered more, unfortunately I remember more of the therapist I had to see later. Like the court ordered anger management therapist after I broke into that house and attacked some guys. You’ll see.


The pills in the tattoo are the exact look, size and shape of the Depicote, Ritalin and Zoloft which were my primary medicines. 


Depicote is a bipolar medication, Ritalin is for Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder and Zoloft is for Depression. Odd combination, isn’t it? Almost like, they had to try ANYTHING that would possibly work.


Part 5

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