Chapter 2, Part 2


I was in and out of these behavior class rooms as you’ll see later when stuff gets really fun.

Second grade was my first experience with physical restraint. Weird way to start a paragraph, ha! Seriously though, this is when I was really put into the behavioral classes.

In these classes, they were allowed to restrain kids that didn’t listen or “got out of hand” — which happened pretty often with me.


"I remember daycare across the street from the house/
I’d run away if I didn't like what they was talkin' about/
Run home across- the- street- break open the garage n lock'm out/
then they'd call Aunt Susie she’d have tuh come n get me out/"

Every day when I left school, I was supposed to go to the daycare center myself since it was right across the street from my classroom AND my house. And I did…for a while…until I started disliking the people there.

Then I would go to the daycare center and if they pissed me off, I would just walk out and leave to go home myself across the street.

Numerous times, daycare workers chased me from the daycare center all the way home and I would just climb on the roof of our duplex or get into the garage.

They would scream and bang on the garage door. It’s still funny to me today lol.

When they finally got fed up with me they told my aunt, “We can’t watch him. He runs away. So he is banned from here.”

These 3 places were my life for years. I was within 50 yards from any place I knew. If my aunt purposely lived here to save her time on dropping me off at school and day care, she is a genius.


Then, the girl from next door started babysitting me. Unfortunately, that all ended when I pushed her really hard and she fell and cracked her head open on the brick wall edge of our duplex. Imagine I was less than 80 lbs and she was probably 130 lbs. That’s a hard ass push.

My aunt, being in the Army, would often have to go “in the field” where they would train for 1-3 weeks at a time so she couldn’t be home. On top of that, my behavior was already out of hand, and more, I was sent to a more ‘structured environment’ to help me.

INFO MY MOM TOLD ME August 15, 2015:

Two or three years before the Coo Coo nest incident during my Colorado Visit to my mom that you’ll soon read this chapter. When my uncle first came into my life, My Uncle thought my Mom was a bad influence on me because every time I talked to her my behavior got worse. So my uncle and aunt completely blocked me from contact with my mom.

Since I wasn’t allowed to call my mom and she couldn’t call me. She taught me how to go to a pay phone and call her collect.

I was calling my mom collect 2 or 3 times a day after school. My mom would just wait by the phone and she had a note pad where she wrote down everything we talked about because she was going to use that in court to get me back from my Aunt Susie.

The deal she made with my Aunt Susie during the adoption was that she would always have open communication with me. But with everything that was happening with my behavior, she thought it was best to completely blocked contact to keep me ‘stable’.

From all those collect calls, my mom got a $2,900 phone bill one month.

I remember calling collect, but damn…..


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