Chapter 1, Part 0

My Mom & Dad's Story That Led To My Life

My mom was 4 months pregnant with me when they found out my dad had 3 brain tumors.

My dad would get off of work, go over to my mom’s house, and say he had BAD headaches. The headaches were so bad that he would throw up and literally couldn’t see sometimes.

Eventually, when it kept happening, they knew he needed to go to the doctor for all of the headaches. They gave him an MRI, and that’s when they found out he had brain tumors. He found out he had 3 LARGE brain tumors – one in the front of his head, one by his ear, and one in the back of his head.

He had his first brain tumor surgery before I was even born. It was the same year my mom graduated high school.

When they opened up his skull, aside from the large brain tumors the MRI showed, his brain was full of what looked like little pen dots. The doctor said there were so many brain tumors it was hard to count them all.

After surgery, he had physical therapy, speech therapy, and vision therapy to recover from the surgery. Because the operation affected his brain, the surgery paralyzed the side of his face.


From then on, it was just a survival game. Slowly, my father started pushing my mom away saying itt wasn’t fair to her that she had to be with someone who was dying. Eventually, his whole brain was filled with tumors.

I was born at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights, IL.

chicago heights tattoo

Right after I was born, my mom and dad got an apartment in West Chicago.

My mom was working two jobs at the same time and trying to take classes to be a nurse at South Holland. My dad stayed home and watched me because of his condition.

My dad had doctor’s appointments twice a week in downtown Chicago.

Amidst all the intense amounts of stress – taking care of my dad, worrying about him, having 2 jobs, AND school – my mom got really really sick when I was 1. She was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, and when she was hospitalized, they told her she had juvenile Type 1 diabetes.

That’s when things got even harder for her. No one was helping her bring my dad to doctors and appointments or anything else that was going on with their health conditions.

Because of all of the issues and the stresses, no one helping my mom, and her finding out she had diabetes, my mom moved back home with her parents and my dad moved back home, too.

She was still picking him up and bringing him to his doctor’s appointments twice a week.

Since she was sick, and my dad was sick, she was working, and no one was helping bring him to doctor’s appointments, everything was getting worse. My dad was pushing her away more and more because he knew he wasn’t going to survive.

Her life turned upside down; a young mother who completely rebelled socially. She finished nursing school and was doing healthcare to make money.


She started going out with friends and she met Phil. Long story short, it was an abusive relationship. They were married for 2 weeks, then it was later annulled. Like it never happened. I have BAD BAD random picture-like memories being around 2 years old and seeing this guy hitting her and forcing himself on her sexually. :/

The picture on the left is the scar along her entire arm from when he pushed her down a flight of hardwood stairs.


My mom met Bill the night before my dad’s FIRST surgery when he was going to the hospital to see my dad. That was the very first time she had ever met him.

My dad started bringing Bill around more when I was 2, while my mom was still with Phil.

My mom says, and I’ve always been told, my Dad was so happy and all about Bill being with my mom. He was financially stable and a friend of my dad who he trusted more than some random guy. He was dying, and I guess this made him more comfortable.

Bill is 10 years older than my mom and was just getting out of a divorce from his first marriage.

Then, she moved in with Bill and they got married.

That Phil guy I talked about showed up to their wedding and Bill broke his nose.

Here are me and my mom on her wedding day. I was 3 years old.

Nine months after they got married, my little brother was born.

I was already being bad, and my behavior started getting worse. I was causing so many problems, acting out about everything, I was seeing therapists by 4 years old for them to determine why I was acting out so much.

The therapist recommended my mom and dad put me into “In House Counselling – 24 hour surveillance” to try to find out what was wrong with me. That meant I was put into a live in Behavior hospital for kids by the time I was 4.

And that’s where we really begin the story.

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