Rob Level's

My Crazy Life Story

As unbelievable as it will seem after you see it, this entire story is 100% true

Rob Level's CRAZY Life Story (Tattoo My Life) (BQ)

Chapter 1

My dad dying when I was a child, then being placed in behavior homes, child abuse, being given up for adoption and more...

View Chapter 1 Ages 0-7

Chapter 2

novi novak chicago

Day care escapes, breaking open baby sitter skulls, being sent to live in more behavior homes, the medications, psychologist and more...

View Chapter 2 Ages 7-10

Chapter 3

Getting placed in the Coo Coo house by my mom when I was 10.

View Chapter 3 Ages 10-11

Chapter 4

Behavior schools in South Side Chicago, being fat and pick on until I was Bulimic. Getting kick out of the school you can't get kicked out of.

View Chapter 4 Ages 12-16

Chapter 5

Clouds and brain tattoo

Getting shot at, going to a racist KKK high school, living in homeless shelters after graduation and more...

View Chapter 5 Ages 16-17
Rob Level

Rob Level is a Chicago-born rapper, iTunes Top 100 Artist and educational public figure. His YouTube Channel “Smart Rapper” turned into a million dollar business selling educational training to rappers and recording artists. He has no formal higher education.

He is seen as a hero by many independent artists for the information and strategy he shares to help them succeed in the music industry.

Rob has always been publicly honest about his difficult upbringing. In his previous released video, Tattoo My Life, he combines spoken narration with hand drawn visuals to describe his tough start.

Rob has released seven albums.

Why This Matters

Rob has chosen to use his voice and story to attract public attention for a an issue directly addressed in the video:

The legality of physical punishments in schools, including “restraining” – a practice where teachers or aids crush and suffocate minors under the guise of “calming them down.” Multiple adults often “restrain” one child at a time, leading to loss of airflow and permanent physical damage in children from a young age. Rob himself experienced this kind of abuse from grade school onward.

“Restraining” in schools has been proven deadly: two recent deaths as a result of restraining in schools include Max Benson, 13, and Cornelius Fredericks, 16. Both lost the ability to breathe while being restrained by personnel in school.

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